Thursday, January 7, 2010

It was love at first sight I play this game on campus everyday. Its called love at first sight. I have mastered the art of the eye contact, look away and look back shyly. I tend to play this little 'game' everyday on campus as I walk between classes, passing people in hallways, while I'm at work or in a classroom. Here's the're walking down the hall. You see this guy ahead of you, walking towards and shortly the two of you will pass each other. (This scenario works best when hallways are nearly deserted, so its only you and this other person). You stare him down as you get closer and closer and the moment he looks back at you, you lock eyes for only a moment and you look away shyly. Let a slow moment pass then look back up with a little smile and say "Hi," if you're brave. :) I guarantee if you follow this procedure, he will look back at you after passing and you can laugh and feel confident you got a second glance. Like Summer Hastings from 500 Days of Summer, through this regimen you will complete 68.4% more second glances per male per day. LOL :)

The post-date interrogation

I absolutely love my roommates. They are my best friends in the world and they each have their own distinct personalities. They make me laugh and cry and I love when we all hang out together. Last night (and every night) I got home from a date and Lisa and Marshall were watching a movie with Melanie. I said hi and attempted to make my way back to my room to study but was called back to go over every detail of the evening with the gentlemen. They then forced me to divulge my true feelings for the young man (which, unfortunately for him, are....sparse). We then discussed, in great detail, his low chance for marriage. Ugh. Dating is great and great fun and good for you but here at BYU, its all about meeting your 'eternal companion'. I shocked all my roommates by boldly declaring that I am dating casually and not looking for committment with any one person. Then I marched off to my room to study while they sat in utter disbelief. Ohhhhh the drama.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Resolution

So....I got a computer for Christmas, I keep a journal habitually and I could possibly be going insane because of the thoughts bouncing around in my mind all day, but I decided that my life is way too entertaining and funny for just me to enjoy. Therefore, I'm going to start blogging....well, also since I love writing, its the perfect excuse to type down all the crazy things I think about. This will be like a perfect stream of consciousness for me. I can't wait. I also decided that facebook is lame and I cannot fully express everything I think and feel adequately. Yeah, yeah, a picture is worth a thousand words- but I'll give you a million words and you'll laugh harder. :) I'll put pictures on here too, I'm sure. Anyways....might as well start in. This morning I had my first world religions class and my professor, Dr. Choi, is from South Korea and has a very strong accent. Its half entertaining, half frustrating trying to understand what he's saying but at the end of every single sentence he says, "Is that right?" haha....Then while wearing my fabulous new heeled boots I got for Christmas I almost slipped several times...except not on ice, just on the sidewalk. They don't have any tread. Lovely, I'm a clutz enough as it is. At work I was listening to my Ipod and doing what I normally do, dancing like a loon and singing or mouthing along to the song while I work and no one is around. Except some guy came around the corner today as I was getting into a sweet tap dance routine so I had to stop and pretend like I was scrubbing something off the floor. Such is my life. My roomies and I decided that instead of doing homework, we wanted to go we did. Except the complex hot tub is closed for a month so we came back to our apartment, filled up our bathtub with hot water and all jumped in for our own spa. It was quite fun.